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What We Do!

Heart Peek Package Share the Big News!




  • 10-13 Weeks Gestation 
  • Determine fetus(es) size
  • Hear Heartbeat at 12 Plus weeks

 Black and White Prints

All Images Emailed

Add a DVD for $10

Early Gender at 14 Weeks



  • 2D Ultrasound 14-20 weeks
  • Time varies
  • Listen to Baby's heartbeat
  • Courtesy 3d /4d /HD Live Peek!
  • Guaranteed or 

 return for free!

2 Black and White Prints

All Images Emailed

Additional gender session just $35 

Add a DVD for $10

See their little Expressions! 3D/4D HD LIVE



30-45 Min.

Best Between 28-34 Weeks

  •  3D/4D HD live Ultrasound  Session 
  • Verify the baby’s heart rate and presentation 

4 Black and White Prints

All images emailed

Add a DVD for $10

Additional 3d/4d Sessions for just $39 Monday - Friday

Heartbeat Animals


 $28 Large 14"

$25 Small 9"

Add to any Session!

Choose from a variety of these adorable plush Heartbeat Animals! Your baby's heartbeat is recorded on the little heart devise with the sound of your baby's heartbeat then it is inserted into the animal of choice!

These are great for siblings waiting for their little baby brother or sister to arrive! 


Prenatal Massage Services 

at Hernando Massage

Starting at just $35 

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Frequently Asked questions


How should I prepare for my appointment?

Hydration plays a large part on creating clear 3d/4d ultrasound images during pregnancy , so make sure to drink plenty of water every day starting 4-5 days before your appointment.
Eat a snack or light meal about an hour before your appointment 

What if my baby is not in a position to get good images?

We try our very best to provide you with the highest quality pictures, sometimes babies do not cooperate and even with a well trained eye sometimes we are unable to capture the desired images. While we do not offer a refund, you will be invited back for a redo session at no cost to you. This will be determined at the sonographer's discretion as occasionally, there are circumstances such as maternal body habitus or amniotic fluid volume etc... that contribute to lesser quality images. If a redo session is deemed necessary, it must be booked within two weeks of the initial visit to keep within a similar gestational timeframe.

What is the difference between 2d/3d and 4d and HD LIVE?

Ultrasound scans, also known as sonograms, use the reflection of high-frequency sound waves to create images. There is no radiation using ultrasound. 


We use the same, safe ultrasonic sound waves used in your doctor's office. 

2D ultrasound is the traditional method used for years. Providing flatter, two-dimensional, black and white images of your baby. 

3D ultrasound is an advanced method which captures a true, three-dimensional image of your baby, often allowing the ability to see specific facial features and well-defined formation.

4D ultrasound is an actual moving three-dimensional image of your baby in utero. Actions such as yawning, turning and even subtle movements can be seen. 

HD LIVE is a filtered light that creates the realistic flesh tone of your baby increasing the image quality.

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